Questions regarding different levels
Poster : Tim       Date : 2017-10-23 Hits:1980 No:11
Hello dear fellow message board members,

I have visited the English ManMin / GCN website over the past few weeks and hope I can turn to you with some questions I had concerning a few points that I haven't heard before.

1) Different levels of Heaven
If I got it correctly, there would be the following levels: Paradise, 1st Heaven, 2nd Heaven, 3rd Heaven, New Jerusalem. I know that there are some verses and/or translations speaking of "heavens" and "third heaven" (Genesis 1,1; 2nd Corinthians 12:1-4), but usually they seem not to have a literal meaning in the sense of different/several levels of heaven...?

2) Different levels of Hell
I have not fully read all hell parts yet, but I read about at least four levels of hell. E.g. "The first level punishments are the lightest, and as you go down to the second, third, and fourth level, the punishments become heavier and more severe."

2) Levels of spirit
If I understood it correctly there are also different levels of the spirit (e.g. whole spirit)?

Since I am not really 100% proficient in all bible quotes/books, could you please give me some places in the bible where these levels of heaven, hell and spirit are mentioned? Preferably they would have to be mentioned in one spot (i.e. not in several different books of old and/or new testament).

I hope you can help me out with my questions! :)

Thanks and Best Regards from Germany,
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