Our Walk with the Lord

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Today’s interviewees are members of Daejoen Manmin Church
They are senior deaconess Kyunghee Kang, the Silver prize winner at the 2022 Manmin Praise Festival, and Namji Yang who was healed of autoimmune disorder and hyperhidrosis. Let's hear their stories.
Testimonies shared by members of Daejeon Manmin Church

Senior Deaconess Kyunghee Kang & Namji Yang


I Am a Witness to God's Power

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A warm sunny morning.
Pictures of happy smiles of the family are seen throughout the house.
Deaconess Eunsook Jin’s face looks happy as she sings praises doing house chores.
Let's meet today’s testimony giver who is full of thanks after being healed through the divine healing meeting last November.

Deacon Eunsook Jin (The 19th Parish) / Healed of Ulnar deformity & Dry eye syndrome.


Being Reborn by the Lord's Grace

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The duo of Deacon Bomoon Kim and Dukyung Kim won the Grand Prize at the Manmin Praise Festival in 2022.
The grand prize for the 2022 Manmin Praise Festival goes to
Deacon Bomoon Kim and Dukyung Kim who sang, If Without Grace!
Hearing their praise sung in such a graceful and clear voice makes us look forward to their future.
Today, we'll meet these two brothers living a new life amidst the Lord’s grace.

* Deacon Bomoon Kim & Dukyung Kim / Grand Prize winner at 2022 Manmin Prize Festival


I Was Given a New Life

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Deaconess Han confesses that she is happy to be healed of rheumatoid arthritis that tormented her.

* Deaconess Junghwa Han : Rheumatoid Arthritis


The Love of Lord for Me

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Let's hear the testimony of Yena Jung who glorified God by being healed of cerebral venous aneurysm.

* Yena Jung : Cerebral Venous Aneurysm


A Joyous Life Overflowing with Testimonies!

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Deaconess Hyangsoon Park confesses that she is happy with faith that she can do it even though she's about to turn eighty.
Today, we introduce her happy testimony.

* Healed of arrhythmias, thyroid disease, wrist inflammation, and back surgery aftereffect.


Nothng Is Impossible With Those Who Believe!

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Elder Sebastian Impeto Pengo from Kinshasa Manmin Church deeply experienced God with the extermination of Ebola and confesses that nothing is impossible when we follow the words taught by Senior Pastor.

Let's meet him today!


My Aunt Woke up From a Coma!

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Pastor Arao is representing Senior Pastor's ministries among the churches in Angola.
In addition to his vigorous missionary works, he is translating and editing Manmin News into Portuguese.
Towards the end of last year, pastor Arao sent us an amazing testimony.
Let's hear his testimony together.


Responding to the Lord's Calling

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Pastor Alexander Tabaranu, a young man called by the Lord
He was changed by Senior Pastor's messages and set up a branch church in Moldova located in Eastern Europe.
Let's hear the story of how he was called by God.


Father God Is the True Light in Our Famiy

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Have you ever experienced a paper cut?
It refers to a minor wound you may have when you turn the pages of a book or look through some documents.
Even such a minor wound involves pain.

But what if you get sick with a more serious, incurable disease?

In the midst of such pain, Senior Deaconess Yinsook Jung received healing by the power of God and is enjoying a happy Christian life. Let's meet her today.