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Title 2017 Prayer Title (1)
Preacher Pastor Emeritus Jaerock Lee Bible Psalm 62:11 Date 2016.12.18

[Psalm 62:11]
"Once God has spoken; Twice I have heard this: That power belongs to God."


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

In this message, I will talk to you about the "Power of Re-creation," the first prayer title of 2017. The power of Re-creation is the power to show the works of re-creation. The works of re-creation is not to create something out of nothing, but to change or renew what has already been created.

God the Father showed the power of creation by creating all things by Word. When He said, "Let there be light," there was light. He surrounded the Earth with light on the first day of the creation and continued His creation day after day. The light at that time was the original light of creation. In this space surrounded by the light, the creation of heavens and earth was carried out in the time-flow of the spiritual realm.

And to demonstrate the Power of Re-creation, you must be able to operate this original light. In late 2000, God the Father surrounded me with this original light of creation. Then, He let me go through spiritual studies and spiritual training so I could operate this original light on my own. For the past 16 years, I've had time to fill up the measure of justice for the completion of the power of re-creation. I explained to you about these spiritual trainings for the past 16 years in the 4th prayer title message given for 2016.

God the Father has now given us this title 'Power of Re-creation' as the first prayer title of 2017. Now, it's going into the 17th year. I ask for your prayers for the 100% completion of the power of re-creation in the new year.


Dear brothers and sisters,

We've already experienced the power of re-creation many times in summer retreats and other events. But these can only be considered to be 'tasting it'. With the 100% completion of the power of re-creation, such great and amazing works can be done. I already said the power of re-creation is not to create something out of nothing but to change or renew what has already been created. In this message, I will explain to you about the power of re-creation in regard to what has already been created and in three aspects: natural environment, human body, and heart of men.

First, it's about the re-creation of the natural environment.

The law of nature was established on the first day of the creation when God surrounded it with the original light. For example, the Earth rotates once a day and revolves around the Sun once a year. Water flows from top to bottom. Water freezes at 0 degrees and boils and 100 degrees Celsius at sea level. The order of the seasons will be spring, summer, autumn, and winter. All these laws necessary for physical space were established on the first day of the Creation. God first set the rules and order among all the creation, within the original light of creation.

But as the mankind multiplied and sins prevailed, this order of creation has increasingly become crooked. Due to unsustainable development, the natural world is being destroyed and the Earth, polluted. As a result, we experience extraordinary weather and many natural disasters. One of them is the increased number of natural disasters taking place all over the world. The magnitude and frequency of typhoons, earthquakes, volcano-eruptions, famine, flood, and heavy snow are unprecedented. These phenomena will continue to increase as the end draws near.

But with the power of re-creation given to me, natural disasters can be prevented. If they already happened, the magnitude could be reduced so that the damage can be kept at minimum. Such things will be possible through the power to control the temperatures, which was gained this year through many periods of training.

Why power to control the temperature? The cause of natural disasters is global warming, and reversely, if you solve this problem natural disasters can be prevented, too. But that doesn't mean you can bring down the average temperature of the Earth as you like. It means you can control the temperature of the areas that have or are expected to have natural disasters. If the leader of that area or the country requests for my prayer with faith, God will see it as act of faith and show the power of re-creation. You've already experienced controlling of the weather conditions numerous times. But now, such works will take place from the origin, namely through the power to control the temperature itself.

Brothers and sisters, in early October this year, there were 1,000 casualties in Haiti, due to the Hurricane Matthew. On Oct. 4, when the Hurricane Matthew landed on Haiti, the wind speed reached 220km per hour. Matthew had been a CAT5 Hurricane with winds of 252+Km/h (157+M/h), capable of destroying houses and uprooting and blowing away trees. It was now a Cat4 with winds of 220Km/h (137Mi/h).

And then it was weakened to become category 3 on Oct. 5 Wednesday, but then it became stronger again in the morning of Oct. 6, Thursday. It continued to move toward the south eastern coastline of the United States, and then it became CAT 3 in the early morning on Oct. 7. And it was weakened to become CAT 2 by 5 PM same day. Then it became CAT 1 in the morning on Oct. 9 Saturday, and it became tropical storm before it completely died out.

The national hurricane center of the US reported the Matthew was CAT 4 when it reached the east coast of Florida with winds 220km/h, but the wind speed in one day suddenly decreased to 135 km/h, which is speed for CAT 1. There were 19 casualties in the southeast of the United States, which was a lot less damage than expected. If the hurricane hit the southeastern coast as CAT 4, they'd have suffered serious damages.

Then, how did the hurricane become weak within a day? Dr. Morgulis was here for the 34th anniversary of our church, and by the request of many ministers back in the States, he asked me to pray about the hurricane at 9:45 PM on Oct. 7. It was the 7th at 7:45 AM eastern time in the States.

At that time, the hurricane landed in Florida as a CAT 3 hurricane. But the local situation was still bad that curfew was ordered from 5 AM that day, and an evacuation order was also issued to 2 million people living on the coastal areas. And also because it had once been weakened to CAT 3 and then became stronger as CAT 4, they couldn't take the situation easy. But this hurricane was weakened very quickly after the prayer.

Brothers and sisters, natural disasters will take place more frequently and more strongly. For example, Korea didn't have earthquakes, but we experienced otherwise this year. The Earth will suffer from more natural disasters here and there. Even with the science and technology it's hard to predict them. Even if they are predicted, it's difficult to stop them. There will be more of these disasters.

But with the power of re-creation, we can stop such disasters or minimize the damage. There are those who have heard about the signs and wonders taking place in this church for the past 34 years, and if these people request for prayer with faith, this act by itself will fulfil the measure of justice and God can answer. As a result, more people will meet and experience the living God and reach salvation.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Secondly, I will explain about the power of re-creation with regard to the human body.

Diseases that are caused by germs or viruses can be healed just with the fire of the Holy Spirit, even without the power of re-creation. But in cases where nerves are dead or tissues are degenerated, they can recover only when new cells and tissues are created. For example, if dead optic nerves cause blindness, they can recover sight only when the dead nerves are revived. And with the power of re-creation, these dead or degenerated cells and tissues can be re-created.

In this year, God the Father let me specifically harbor healing of eyesight of church members. As a result, in the leadership conference in July and summer retreat in August, there were many who got better eyesight. And the power of re-creation can work not only on eyes but also all other parts of the body.

It can also re-create even chromosomes that are in the nucleus of cells, which are the most basic units of living organisms.

One of the good examples is the healing of Down syndrome of the fetuses. We have 23 pairs of chromosomes, totaling 46. A chromosome is made up by the combination of DNA, the body of the genes, and protein. And among the 23 pairs, some people have one more chromosome in the 21st pair. This causes Down syndrome.

Down syndrome causes mental retardation, physical abnormality, bodily dysfunction, and growth disorder. But even if the fetus was diagnosed with Down syndrome, all of them recovered through my prayers.

Let me introduce one of those cases. It's about Young Jae Cho (15), son of Il-ho Cho and Heekyeong Song. I believe you're well aware of Heekyeong Song's testimony. She was born with innate cerebral palsy and her left leg was 4cm shorter than the right one. But in the revival meeting in May 1997, she was completely healed.

She got married and became pregnant. They did a deformation test in the 16th week of the pregnancy, and she says that I appeared in her dream. I was giving an announcement on the pulpit that Heekyeong Song was not only healed of her leg but her baby is also healed. And in that morning, the hospital called and said the deformation level of the fetus was very high and both the parents had to come. They did the test in three other hospitals to receive the same diagnosis, Down syndrome.

Along with this, they heard the fetus had motion disorder, speech disorder, and the locations of the eyes, nose, and mouth were asymmetrical. For this reason they suggested abortion for the sake of the mother. But this couple had already heard the baby was healed in the dream, so they prayed to receive the healing with faith, and they received my prayer. As a result, the baby was born absolutely without any problem, and he has grown up well.

And there are so many other cases of Down syndrome being healed. Fetuses have about 2 trillion cells, and with the power of re-creation, all the 21st chromosomes of all the 2 trillion cells were made normal.

Another kind of evidence of re-creating the chromosomes with the power of re-creation is changing the gender of the fetuses. A baby's genetic sex is determined at the time of conception. Around the 13th to 14th week, they can see the genitals of the fetus with ultrasound. The chromosome that is related with sex is the No. 23. Female is XX and male is XY. Therefore, for the sex of the fetus to be changed, all no. 23 chromosomes must be changed. And in many cases they already confirmed their children to be son or daughter but through my prayer their genders were changed.

Let me introduce some of the cases. Sun Hyo Kim confirmed the fetus was a male in the 9th month of pregnancy, but after my prayer she had a daughter. Jekyoo Joo and Yoonyoung Choi had two sons and she was pregnant with the 3rd child. In the 5th month, they found out it was a boy. They wanted a girl, so they received my prayer, and they had a daughter.

In case of pastor Eunyoung Cho, with the ultrasound just before the delivery, it was a daughter. But because she received my prayer 3 times to have a son during her pregnancy, her faith never wavered. As a result, she actually had a son.

And there are so many more cases around the world where the gender of the fetuses was changed. God can work in an instant with the power of re-creation, so they can be changed regardless of the length of pregnancy.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Now, thirdly, let me talk about re-creation of heart of men.

Psalm 51:10 says, "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me." God can renew the corrupted heart and evil-stained hearts into heart of spirit and heart of goodness.

Ezekiel 36:26-27 also talks about how the power of re-creation can change the hearts of men. It is a prophecy about the Power of Re-creation that will be shown at the end as well as the recovery of Israel. It says, "Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will be careful to observe My ordinances." Even the hardened hearts because of evil can be softened by the Power of Re-creation.

If we have a softened heart, we can put the word of God into practice. But the power to change the hearts of people cannot be given at random. Our Lord Jesus fulfilled the Law with love by shedding His precious blood and dying to redeem sinners from their sins. As a result, a new rule of justice was established: anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is forgiven of their sins and receives the right to become a child of God.

Same goes for power of re-creation. It can change the hearts that are stained by so much evil and cannot be saved, into the ones that can be saved. And to receive this power, there had to be corresponding sacrifice. For this reason, I had to suffer great pains in body and mind for the past 6 years. As the pain increased, the width of the justice was also expanded. As the width was expanded, now this rule of justice is applied not only to Manmin members but also countless souls around the world.

For those whose souls are so corrupt and stained, even the one who is representative of this corrupt generation, I wanted them to catch the chance of salvation and the filled up 99% of the measure of justice. As a result, the good will of God, who wants everyone to be saved, will be fulfilled more completely.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today's reading passage Psalm 62:11 says, "Once God has spoken; twice I have heard this: That power belongs to God;" It is such a great blessing that God is showing the power that belongs to God in this church.

The Power of Re-creation is a gift of God's love that enables anyone to meet God, to receive salvation, and to go into New Jerusalem. Also the Power of Re-creation is the secret weapon at the end time to save countless souls from the power of the antichrist.

I hope you will pray more fervently for the 100% completion of the Power of Re-creation in 2017. Also, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will experience this power of re-creation yourselves.

2016-12-20 Posted
2017-01-05 Updated

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